Who is Daria 🙂

Daria is a creative soul, a self starter who is constantly pushing her boundries to explore herself, explore new cultures and grow.

Traveling and music background makes her emotionally aware and easy to adapt to new people and places. Her passions keep her curious and drive her every day.

Her new challenge is this blog and she wants to connect with everyone who is coming to her small and big world. This is the space full of ideas, methods and her experiences from different countries where she lived, traveled and which she grew thanks to.

Ok, but let’s move to some facts:

  • she lived in Poland, Czech Repulic, Denmark and Spain, England and US (last 3 for a shorter while:)
  • she is from Poland and she studied Marketing Management – Media & Advertisement and Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Denmark
  • she has experience in coaching, project leading in finance as well culture industry and community management,
  • she developed ProPace Aarhus Music project and initiated and executed Fall in love with Poland project thanks to which she was called a personality of the year by one newspaper in Poland – wspolczesna.pl
  • after leading music project which was integrating through music, she fall in love with music therapy and finished another Bachelor – Music Therapy
  • Since the middle of 2019 she works full time as a music therapist and stress coach
  • In 2020 she released her first book in polish Dziennik stresu and in 2021 she released 2nd edition Dziennik balansu (Balance journal).
  • Now she is based in Warsaw, and just in 2021 she led almost 80 workshops.

Daria believes that the most valuable currency is smile and kindness which breaks all the ice between people

  • she developed an idea generation process and mindful singing
  • she took a harsh decision to leave her daily work, get out of stress and follow her dreams of being a music therapist and stress coach and inspire other! Moreover,she decided to move from Denmark to Poland and start studying again at the Music Academy – Music Therapy!
  • recently she got married to the best man under the Sun and she is gratueful for this love every single day!
  • she believes that small difference make a big impact.

Daria’s motto: make the changes you want see in the world – every little change is a step to making a big impact!

A bit about me in media:)


What is creative confidence?

The term is initiated by Tom and David Kelley and after reading the book called Creative Confidence I got totally hyped about the concept – we are all creative! Individuals and companies too often think that creativity is something assigned to those uniquely talented and gifted people, but that is a wrong approach which you probably heard at school etc.

We can boost our creativity and build the creative confidence by different actions. Try to make coffee a bit differently this morning. Take another route to work or travel to another city or country alone and discover. Try things which have never done before and this way you will practice your creativity and gain creative confidence! Get out of your comfort zone! It can be really fun!

Everyone is born creative, some just nurture it more and some less.

What is mindful living?

Mindful living is feeling the moment. It is being aware of our body, our surroundings and live the fullest. You might get our of your comfort zone, keep getting new experiences, but if you don’t stop and observe what is actually going on around you, you might get lost in all those experiences. Mindfulness can be applied to so many areas in our live and practicing it can give surprising results – more focus, less stress and more peace.

I will help you find the balance between getting the most out of your life with the „friendly” stress level and living mindfully.

What is mindful singing ?

Mindful living is a method of singing when you engage your whole body and awareness. The method which allows you to immerse in music and flow with it. I have been working and testing this method with the great results! Contact me if you what to know more and simply read more on the blog. 

Pracowałam i testowałam tę metodę przez ostatnie 3 lata i przynosi ona świetne efekty. Więcej o tej metodzie będę opisywała na blogu! Zapraszam też na lekcje indywidualne 🙂

Here I sang mindfully – when I flow with music 🙂 because kid don’t have those barriers and tensions which we adults create ourselves

What is stress ?

Stress is a physical or mental reaction to situations which are pushing our boundaries, making us feel uncomfortable and unsecure. Stress is normal part of our life and it can even help us when it’s in the small amounts. Unfortunately too often we are ignoring the signs which our bodies give us and we stay in the chronic stress, worsening our health and even cause sicknesses! :O

I went through a chronic stress and a burn out and I learnt a lot during that time. I learnt how to deal with it, I was going to a stress coach, who helped me enormously. Now I can easily recognise my body reactions, find causes of it and preventing going deep into it. I want to share my experiences and methods with you on this blog!

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