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About Daria

Daria is a creative soul, music therapist, educator and a stress coach. She is a self starter who is constantly pushing her boundries to explore herself, explore new cultures and grow.Traveling and music background makes her emotionally aware and easy to adapt to new people and places. Her passions keep her curious and drive her every day. Her new challenge is this blog and she wants to connect with everyone who is coming to her small and big world. This is the space full of ideas, methods and her experiences from different countries where she lived, traveled and which she grew thanks to.

Make the changes you want see in the world – every little change is a step to making a big impact!

How can I help you?

Music Therapy

Music psychotherapy and therapeutic singing helping to release tension, learn mindfulness and build confidence.

Stress Coaching

Learning to observe your own body, signals of stress, their understanding and stress management.

Design Thinking

Building yourself creative self confidence and release creative potential and introduce design thinking concept to your organisation.

My programmes, that work for you


Working from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Music therapy & stress coaching, relaxation sessions.

one to one

Book a music psychotherapy or a stress coaching session! Express your emotions, relax and deal with stress! 


Book a workshop about:  
Design thinking + building creative confidence and boosting creativity 
Music therapy – psychotherapy with elemnets of music, receptive music therapy & active music therapy
Mindful life – harmony in life – well-being with implementation of mindfulness
Mindful singing – singing with awareness, engaging our body, with the relaxation and focus.


Bespoke corporate packages and programmes enable both individuals and teams to find balance for their personal health and happiness and professional success and productivity – meaning you have a happier, more productive and focused workforce.

Institutions & companies which I cooperated with

My diplomas and certificates

I want to take you for a journey…

I want to show you how to explore your own world and find balance. You will learn how to recognize your own limits, possibilities and get acquainted with your stress.

I will help you to relax, release tensions and find your “true you” to release your potential. 

Daria is simply amazing. She is absolutely passionate about her job and has been a true inspiration for me. She even managed to convince me to try meditation which I always considered absolute nonsense. And you know what? I tried it and it helped. Moreover, Daria gave me many useful tools to observe and manage my stress levels. But the greatest thing about Daria is how honest and open she is. Just talking with her, sharing my story and hearing hers has been a tremendous help. If you're going through a difficult time in your life, Daria is the right person to ask for help! 👍



I was lucky to have 3 meetings with Daria. She was very involved and professional. Even though our collaboration was short, she made sure to include me in an online stress support group, for after her leaving.

Daria is very sweet and a positive energy. She is creative and trying different methods. It was my first time trying stress coaching and I learned a lot about myself. I'm grateful for the help!



Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to work with my stress. ❤️ I never really thought how complex it can be and definitely didn't expect to be too hard to work with it by myself. Thank you for listening to me, for giving me the opportunity to open up about my issues and for your guidance! ❤️ I will always be grateful for meeting you! I am looking forward for what is coming! 🙏



For now, Daria has been the best trainee we've ever had in Brain. I appreciate mainly her communication, organizational and leadership skills. She quickly adapted to our environment and needs and, thanks to her research work, implement new ways to think about creativity in corporate culture. She also set up a new HR process which improved the way we take care of other trainees.


Czech Republic
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